A Little Food History

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  1. I so enjoyed reading this! Absolutely fascinating especially for someone trying to both eat local and reduce their dependence on grain! I tripped over your blog while trying to find some Icelandic recipes for a Country Women’s event that I am involved in in Tasmania where Iceland is our country of study in 2015. Looking for contemporary food as the really traditional will be very difficult to recreate – your article sums up the issues perfectly. Now I am seeing wonderful pictures but the instructions are in Icelandic – and I am afraid that is beyond my language capabilities! Finger food is my primary interest and I wondered if you could point me in a useful direction? Many thanks – Jane

  2. Hello Nanna! I really hope this is a contact field and I’m pressing the right buttons!
    Sandor Katz recommended I look at your site (and the English bit looks very well researched!) I talk on fermentation here in the UK (amongst other things like sushi, street food, training..) and also make weird contraptions for cooking over charcoal. I’m planning on burying a shark in Wales next Easter, then drying it and talking on fermentation (again) at The Good Life Festival in Hawarden next September. I’m really interested in the science behind Hakarl and am trying to get a film crew together to document it. This would involve me coming to Iceland, visiting the shark museum and hopefully yourself! And if sharks can be preserved this way what would it take to preserve meats in a similar manner? I dug a pit and buried cabbages in it for 4 months for this years festival which worked well.
    Anyhow – thanks so much for your time, would love to hear back from you and to see if you fancied taking an Englishman around your country for a bit?! Best regards, Mike Keen (00 44 07960 689903)

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